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April 19 2018


got the next bit of my tattoo sleeve for my left arm done and i am loving it and also in much pain. 

April 01 2018



Aesthetic expression is not the defining feature of “queerness”. How you present yourself visually to the world is a personal choice, which is itself informed by many factors. Facial piercings and colored hair do not make you “more queer” than someone who does not have or want those things. Do not derisively accuse someone of being a “cishet assimilationist” because they bind, or use breast forms, or don’t seem to have enough tattoos or piercings to declare themselves visually nonconformant to your satisfaction.

March 29 2018


Plan A Romance Novel To Find Out Which Greek Muse You Are







Well… that’s uncannily accurate.

You got: Melpomene

The Muse of Tragedy – When it comes to romance novels, you like high drama and deep emotion. Tortured heroes, tragic backstories, lovers reaching for one another across the wild pain of an empty world…the more drama, the more heartbreak, the more satisfying the eventual happy ending will be.

You got: Polyhymnia
The Muse of Song – When it comes to romance novels, you like them sweet and pure. The simplicity of the traditional stories, the comfort of a happy ending and the silly but swoon-worthy tropes are what you live for.

You got: Melpomene

The Muse of Tragedy – When it comes to romance novels, you like high drama and deep emotion. Tortured heroes, tragic backstories, lovers reaching for one another across the wild pain of an empty world…the more drama, the more heartbreak, the more satisfying the eventual happy ending will be.

first of all, how dare they use white font on a bright yellow background for that one question. secondly, I got Polyhymnia

You got: Clio

The Muse of History – When it comes to romance novels, you favour historical romances that make good use of their time period. Strange etiquette, exciting battles, the most memorable moments in history form the perfect backdrop to the love stories you crave.

well thats accurate

You got: Calliope
The Muse of Epic Poetry – When it comes to romance novels, you like drama and intensity. Mad schemes, dark secrets, plot twists and moments of high emotion are your personal taste.

March 01 2018





fuck myer briggs fuck astrology

if you ask someone who their top 3 favorite homestuck characters were you literally know everything about them

if they dont know what homestuck is then you know theyre a normal human being

everyone put ur top 3 homestuck characters in the tags

February 22 2018


what is a good way to keep your wrist from not touching anything??

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February 19 2018


gotta have a spinal tap in about 12 hours or so and im NOT okay

February 14 2018


i am NOT feeling confident about the fact that the hospital i am going for my surgery is named after the patron saint of /butchers/






Go sharty, it’s your squirt day

We’re gonna shitty farty like it’s your squirt day

allow me to introduce you the the backspace button on your keyboard

You can find me in the tub. Bottle full of cum.

February 05 2018






Turn Your Sound On !!!!


If I understand correctly, these are ceramic bowls floating in a pool of water, possibly in a cave because it’s echo-y, and the clinking sound is them bumping into one another. Like wind chimes, but … water chimes?

yo, i saw this in person over the summer! it’s an art installation!

the piece is called clinamen v.2, created by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot and included as a part of the Soundtracks exhibit in the moma - i saw it in san fran, and this photo is from a showing in new york:


the exhibit is a large shallow pool filled with white ceramic bowls in varying sizes. the bowls are pushed around the pool by a gentle current, and the sound created as they hit each other is somewhere between a wind chime and a haunted bell.

i sat there for a solid ten minutes just watching the bowls move around while listening to the sounds they made. it was absolutely hypnotic…

Soundtracks runs in the san fran moma until january 1st 2018, and i absolutely recommend going if you can. many of the exhibits play with sound in 3D spaces, and there are some truly wild contraptions on display.

Reposted byankincocciuella

January 25 2018


I think maybe it was growing up in a town of mainly Irish immigrants and familys but ive never read McElroy and Mic-El-Roy but Mac-El-roy which is exactly what it sounds like to my ear while everyone else hears Mackle-roy??? 

McDonalds is said Mic which may be where most ppl recognize the Mc from but like

I lived with familes like McFarland and McCoan and McGruffin and shit and like

half the families were Mics and half were Macs and you just sort of learn to lean towards one but not be surprised when its the opposite? 

Anyways I love to refer to it as Mac Donalds because it confuses/infuriates people when they hear me do it and its funny to me

January 24 2018


i have to have another lumbar tap attempted and im terrified and have cried for about half an hour straight because of how much this scares me but i have to do it anyways and i hate life right now. 


cw murder, antisemitism, homophobia


so a gay jewish college student was murdered by a literal white supremacist 

this is what “free speech” for nazis means. this is what being “tolerant” of the alt right means.

this is the danger of thinking antisemitism is not still a real, deadly threat.

his name was blaze bernstein. may his memory be a blessing.

(ok for everyone to rb, esp non jews)

January 15 2018

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the olde… and the new

thank u @reaxeons for the shirt!!! >:)






I just can’t believe that we’ve been living with barely getting the odd crumb of nb representation, we’ve been starving, and the minute some big nb representation shows up you’re all gonna boycott it over… what? Some poor wording and two of the revealed nbs being a little stereotypical?

All while actively lying about things the developers have allegedly said and wrongfully attributing things to the Dream Daddy team, who are NOT the same people making this new dating sim. 

If you don’t give content creators some room to breathe, you’re gunna smother out the flame of possible representation before we can even get it burning. God damn. 

They aren’t the same creators as Dream Daddy? Man, there is a lot of misinformation going around.

Two of the devs are the same but the rest are not, as far as I read.

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she needs a shirt someone donate

Here you go

January 14 2018



…………………reblog this and say something nice about the person u reblogged it from because there’s too much hate on my dashboard right now and its making me upset so lets start a chain of love

January 11 2018


ive decided that for my currently running fanfics for two of them im going to write the rest of them as I go and not post until I’m finished with them. Then I’m going to dedicate some good amount of time each day at working at one of my MUCH larger fics and post those semi-regularly, and if I want to write any other fanfics until I’m finished that that bigger one I’m going to just write them in my comp but not post them until they are offically finished because I feel so much anxiety about not posting regularly but I;m not in a good mental place to do stuff likel weekly. The most I can promise is a really good long chapter at least one a month. 

January 07 2018



You shouldn’t be treating nb people like the secret sexy 3rd gender. Nb people don’t look like a mash of male and female, they’re not sexy androgynous twinks

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